Hueblog: Philips Hue Iris: Getting brighter, with white light and Bluetooth?

Philips Hue Iris: Getting brighter, with white light and Bluetooth?

The next candidate for an update

Last year the Philips Hue Go received a comprehensive update, two months ago it was the turn of the Philips Hue Bloom. But another table lamp from Signify's portfolio has not received an update yet: The Philips Hue Iris. I lean out of the window and say: It's coming soon.

The Philips Hue Iris would be a suitable candidate in any case. The table lamp offers a well-known and popular design, and currently still lacks the Bluetooth connection that Signify has attached so much importance to in the past year.

So far, the Iris only supports the RGB color space and no real white tones. This means it does not really fit into the current “White and Color Ambiance” product portfolio. A nice side effect: the previously manageable brightness of 210 lumens could be increased to at least 500 lumens if an LED module for warm white to cool white light is integrated.

But things get really exciting with product pictures of the Philips Hue Centris, in which Signify shows a well designed living room. In the past I have learned that they like to show products from the current portfolio. And what do we see besides the Centris and the recently updated Bloom? On the left side of the living room there is a Philips Hue Iris.

But that's not all: in a variation of the product photo used as the cover image above, the Philips Hue Iris shines in a warm and rather bright white. This wouldn't be possible with the current model and so I decide: Here we already see the new, not yet officially announced Philips Hue Iris.

Do we already see the new Philips Hue Iris here?

Why should you place an outdated table lamp that does not match the current product catalogue at all on a current product photo? Then you could also have chosen a second Bloom or even the Hue Go.

I could now also say that the Philips Hue Iris is currently sold out in the official Philips Hue webshop. Unfortunately, this is not really a reliable indicator.

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