Hueblog: Philips Hue Datura: A comparison with the Hue Surimu

Philips Hue Datura: A comparison with the Hue Surimu

Two premium ceiling lights

Have you already complained about the price of the Hue Aurelle? You thought that the Hue Surimu was the end of the line? Then you were wrong. This week, Philips Hue has introduced another ceiling light that goes one better. The reder is the Philips Hue Datura.

While you can get the largest and most expensive Hue Aurelle with White Ambiance technology including Hue dimmer switch for “only” 239.99 euros, the Hue Surimu in the same size, but with coloured light and without a switch, costs 329.99 euros.

No problem for the Hue Datura. There are two round models to start with, one with a diameter of 38.4 centimetres for 299.99 euros and the large version with a diameter of 57.4 centimetres for an impressive 399.99 euros. However, this is not quite enough to make it the most expensive ceiling light from Philips Hue, where the large Hue Centris is ahead at 489.99 euros.

Direct comparison with the Hue Surimu

Can Surimu and Datura be compared? It is possible, at least with the smaller round version, as the Surimu is also available with a diameter of 39.5 centimetres. The Datura is 1.1 centimetres slimmer, although this can be explained by the frameless design.

But what do you get for a surcharge of 60 euros? The Philips Hue Datura offers you two light sources that can be controlled independently of each other. There is not only direct lighting downwards into the room, but also upwards onto the ceiling. However, the Datura does not have an MSL chip installed, so the two light sources are not as elegantly linked in the app as they are with the Dymera wall light, for example.

What I find exciting is that the Datura could be great as a night light on the ceiling, as you can only switch on the indirect upper lighting. That’s exactly what I’ll be trying out in my bedroom soon, as soon as I receive the Datura.

A significant increase in brightness

The two light sources also have a positive effect on the maximum brightness. The small Datura has 2,490 lumens at standard white and 3,840 lumens at 4,000K. The comparably sized Surimu only achieves 2,850 lumens at 4,000 Kelvin. So for 60 euros more, you get an increase of almost 35 per cent in terms of brightness.

But it gets even brighter. The large Datura achieves up to 5,390 lumens. There is currently only one comparison with the 60×60 centimetre Hue Surimu, which achieves 4,150 lumens at 4,000 Kelvin.

If you like angular ceiling lights better than round ones, then I recommend a little patience. I’ve heard that the Philips Hue Datura will also be available in 120×30 and 60×60 centimetre sizes in the future.

Philips Hue Datura

from €299

Available in four versions, the Datura always provides a "wow" moment. Two colour-capable light sources, which can be controlled separately, are combined to create colourful, unique lighting effects.

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