Hueblog: Hue Go: You should know about these key shortcuts

Hue Go: You should know about these key shortcuts

A look at the instructions is worthwhile

Let’s be honest: If Hue professionals like you order a new Hue-product (after having informed yourself in detail on the net, of course) – do you look into the manual when unpacking it?

Let’s face it, with most products it is hardly worth it. But with the Hue Go you really should, as there are four functions available on the little button.

Press 1x: Switch on. With every further press of the button you can switch through the preset scenes.

Press 2x and hold: If you hold your finger on the button the second time you press it, the Hue Go starts to show different colors. Once the desired color is found, simply release your finger.

Press for 2 seconds: The Hue Go goes into standby. Here it remains in battery mode for about 2 hours (first generation) or 12 hours (second generation).

Press for 10 seconds: This allows the Hue Go to be switched off completely. This is useful if you want to save some battery life for later. The long keystroke is acknowledged by a small flashing of the Hue Go.

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  1. Are you aware of a recycling programme for Hue Go’s when they no longer function? Mine has ceased working after only a couple of years. Thank you.

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