Hueblog: New outdoor products from Innr are available now

New outdoor products from Innr are available now

Light strips, spotlights and cables

In May I already presented the new outdoor products from Innr in detail – now you can finally order them. The Innr Outdoor LightStrips, Outdoor Spots and Outdoor Cables are available at Amazon and can be ordered at their regular prices. The delivery is scheduled to start on June 12th.

From my point of view, the Outdoor LightStrip from Innr, available in two and four meters length, is particularly interesting. First of all, it is very attractive in terms of price: including the power supply you pay only 59.99 (2 metres) or 99.99 euros (4 metres). In addition, Philips Hue’s Outdoor LightStrip is not only considerably more expensive, but is also currently in the process of updating its models. The previous model is being replaced, but the new version is not yet available. Correspondingly, their current availability is extremely poor.

If you are interested in the Innr Outdoor Flex Light, you can take another look at all the details in the following video.

These are the Innr outdoor spots

You can also choose the Innr Outdoor Spot Light, which is a basic set consisting of power supply, cables and three spots for 129.99 euros. Two additional spots can be connected to the basic set for 34.99 euros each. In comparison to Philips Hue, there are two main differences apart from the price: all spots are attached to a ZigBee controller and can thus only display the same color and brightness. They are also significantly less bright with 230 lumens each.

I’ve already created a small video regarding the Innr outdoor spots.

Unfortunately, the Outdoor Strip and the spots cannot yet be operated together on one power supply, unlike it would be possible with Philips Hue. Therefore, you need a single power outlet for each product. In addition, as always, HomeKit and Hue Entertainment are not compatible with Innr products, otherwise there are no restrictions when using the Hue Bridge.

Together with the two outdoor light sources, Innr also introduces two extension cables. For 14.99 euros you get 2 additional metres, 5 metres are available for 19.99 euros. Compared to Philips Hue, there is unfortunately no price advantage here.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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