Hueblog: Member management officially lands in the Hue app

Member management officially lands in the Hue app

Not yet functional

About a month ago I was able to report that Philips Hue is planning a member management for its Hue app. In future, a distinction is to be made between members and admins. Now the function has officially arrived in the Hue app. At least that’s what the manufacturer writes in the Discover section of the app:

Manage access to your lights: Want to share access to your lights with other people? Now you can assign administrator or lighting rights to other people who use your lights, whether they are friends, family members or the dog walker. Go to Settings > Account and tap on Your Home to set it up.

Member management does not seem to work yet

In settings, you should only find your account at this time, unless you have already used your Hue Bridge with another account. Currently, downgrading your second account from admin to member will not affect it – you will still be able to access all settings.

It seems that it is planned to be able to add additional users to the Hue system later on via an invitation link and to grant them the desired rights. The permissions available are “Lighting” and “Administrator”.

Lighting: “Lighting is the default permission for all members to control the lamps and adjust the settings in this living area.”

Administrator: “As the administrator of this living area, you have full control and all permissions to configure this system, including the permission to manage the living area and its members.”

I would be happy to hear about this if the member management in your Hue system already allows invitations and has actual effects on the control.

‎Philips Hue
‎Philips Hue
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Philips Hue
Philips Hue
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  1. Any update on this? I see in my hue app I can’t add any members. I Will rent out my Apartment and would be great to be able to invite my new guests as members.

    How do you solve this otherwise? In case hue don’t add member management. I know you. I know you can add people by letting them signing in on your own account… but that doesn’t feel particularly good security wise, and I definitely don’t want to share my own credentials.

    It’s a mystery hue have make it so long without this feature 😊

  2. I also need help on this. Not every one live alone. We need more people in the house to be able to turn on and off ligths. But I do not see anyway to add members.

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