Hueblog: Philips Hue revamps White Filament lamps: second generation coming

Philips Hue revamps White Filament lamps: second generation coming

Slightly brighter and thinner wire

If you have an eye on the classic Philips Hue White Filament bulbs, you need to pay special attention in the coming weeks. A change from the first to the second generation is imminent.

Specifically, there are two things that have changed in the new generation: First, the maximum brightness increases from 550 to 580 lumens. This is a difference that is unlikely to be noticed with the still fixed colour temperature of a warm 2,100 Kelvin. In addition, the filament wire on which the individual LEDs sit has become somewhat thinner and no longer differs so much in colour inside and outside (when switched off).

How you can recognise the Hue White Filament V2

Now, of course, the question arises: How can you recognise the second generation of the Hue White Filament? In the wild, I can give you three tips. Let's take a look at the packaging:

At the top left of the Hue logo, under “E27”, you will find the note “Thin Filament”. This does not exist in the old generation. In addition, “580 lumen @ 2100K” is indicated at the bottom left.

If the lamp has already been unpacked, you can quickly see the difference: The lamp glass also has 580 lumens printed on it, and “Philips Hue” is also printed on the base. The old generation still had “Philips Hue white” printed on it.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you at the moment when the new models will be available nationwide in stores. There will be a total of five different versions.

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