Hueblog: First filament lamp with E14 base appeared at FCC

First filament lamp with E14 base appeared at FCC

Ikea Tradfri makes the start

When Philips Hue introduced its extra small and compact E14 lamp and the new extra large filament lamps with E27 base earlier this month, the calls from the Hue community were once again heard: We wish for filament lamps with E14 base.

As new entries at the FCC approval authority prove, which were first discovered before the colleagues from Smarthome Assistant, Ikea is working on a corresponding solution. One thing is clear: the lamps from the Trådfri series will also be compatible with the Hue system thanks to the ZigBee standard.

In addition to the compact version with E14 base, the illuminant is also available as E27. In both cases the maximum possible brightness is unfortunately only 250 lumens. This is far behind the filament lamps from Philips Hue, which reach up to 550 lumens.

However, three things are not yet clear: if, when and at what price the new lamps will be launched.

In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich zu einem echten Experten in Sachen Hue & HomeKit entwickelt. Mittlerweile habe ich über 50 Lampen und zahlreiche Schalter im Einsatz. In meinem kleinen Blog teile ich meine Erfahrungen gerne mit euch.

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