Hueblog: First impression of the new Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch

First impression of the new Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch

Senic launches switch for outdoor applications

Last week I was able to present the new Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch from Senic for the first time. Even before the official delivery to the first customers, the Berlin manufacturer provided me with a test sample – and of course I take this opportunity to give you the first impressions.

As far as the technology inside is concerned, we can do it very quickly and easily: The module required for the control system is exactly the same module that we know from all other licensed Friends of Hue switches. So there are two rockers that can be configured with the Hue app. In total, up to twelve actions can be performed with the four buttons when using apps such as iConnectHue.

To start with, Senic offers the Outdoor Switch at a price of 69 instead of 79 euros. This makes it just as expensive as the Senic switch for indoor use. But you can't simply say: This is just a Friends of Hue switch with a rubber cover. Moreover, there is no alternative on the market so far.

This is what the new Hue Outdoor switch from Senic looks like

All in all, the switch is a bit thicker, mainly due to the thicker frame. The rockers don't stick out, instead you press the rubber surface a little bit down to release the button.

After I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the material on a prototype, it looks completely different now. While the dust stuck to the surface of the unfinished product, the rubber is now much firmer and slightly roughened. Nothing sticks here anymore, and it also feels much more finished.

The Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch from Senic can be mounted with four adhesive dots, which even adhere to the exterior plaster. Alternatively, the rear cover plate can also be removed, screwed securely to the wall and the switch then placed on top with a little force.

Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch

The Friends of Hue Outdoor Switch is a wireless switch that gives everyone at home simple control for your Philips Hue compatible devices.

79 EUR

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