Hueblog: Impressively colourful: The new RGBW filaments from Paulmann

Impressively colourful: The new RGBW filaments from Paulmann

Compatible with Philips Hue thanks to ZigBee

When the first filament light bulbs from Philips Hue appeared a few years ago, we initially had to make do with a simple warm white. In the meantime, the “light bulbs” in the classic design are also available as White Ambiance, but we still have to do without colours with Philips Hue. Thanks to the new filament lamps from Paulmann, there are now also colourful mood lights in the classic look.

The new RGBW filaments are available in four different shapes with prices ranging from 33.99 to 40.99 euros; you can save a little on the 3-packs on offer. All of them are equipped with ZigBee technology and the pairing with the Hue Bridge worked without any problems right after unpacking. In the Hue app, the filament lamps can then be controlled as usual, apart from the usual restrictions for third-party hardware, of course.

RGBW filaments from Paulmann offer powerful colours

A look inside the bulbs reveals an interesting detail: there is not only one “filament”, but three. This means that the Paulmann filament can display not only warm white and cool white, but also colours. Of course, the spirally arranged “filament” is significantly thicker, but this is hardly noticeable during operation.

The colour representation is really impressive. Not only does it match the colour wheel in the Hue app, but it is also really amazingly strong. In any case, the new RGBW filaments by Paulmann are wonderfully suitable for creating colourful lighting moods without having to forego the classic design.

The maximum brightness specified is 470 lumens. This is somewhat less than the filament lamps from Philips Hue, but still quite good due to the clear design. The white tone can be adjusted from 2,200 to 6,500 Kelvin, and the entire colour spectrum is available.

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  1. I’m curious if these will work on 110v.

    Paulmann’s website specifically refers to them as ‘230v’.

    Given they are RGB, there must be an ac/dc switching supply in there, which are usually 80-260vac. This makes me think that they’d work fine on 110.

    Anybody know?

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