Hueblog: Community question of the week: Which light source is particularly dark?

Community question of the week: Which light source is particularly dark?

Use as a night light

Philips Hue is probably omnipresent in many of our homes. One or the other smart lamp is probably also installed in bedrooms and children's rooms. And this is where a question from Hueblog reader Jovi comes into play. He emailed me:

Which is the darkest Hue bulb in E14 format to regulate? I have an E14 White Ambiance candle in the bedside lamps and they come very close to a night light at 1 percent brightness. Is it possible to go any darker?

Jovi also noted that he has already tried filament bulbs, which have a lower maximum brightness, at least on paper. However, due to the exposed LEDs, these fancy bulbs are noticeably brighter at the lowest brightness than a “classic” Philips Hue candle bulb.

With colour it gets a little darker

In any case, I have one more tip, even if the purchase is considerably more expensive: Compared to lamps with White Ambiance technology, the coloured White and Color Ambiance can often be dimmed a little “further”. But how exactly is this possible?

Instead of using only the warm white LEDs for the night light, you can switch to the coloured range. In my opinion, the red light tones in particular are very suitable for use as a night light.

Exciting in this context: Presumably in June, there will be new releases from Philips Hue that are great for the nightstand. The small E14 luster lamp, which is currently only available as a White variant, will probably also be launched as White Ambiance and White and Color Ambiance. However, third-party products should be avoided, as they often cannot be dimmed to such an extent.

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