Hueblog: Old light strip with new extension: adapter coming soon

Old light strip with new extension: adapter coming soon

Accessory manufacturer wants to deliver suitable product

Last year, I already drew attention to a problem for which Philips Hue has no solution and will not offer one. Those who want to extend an old Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus no longer have a chance. With the fourth generation of the light strip, Philips Hue has adjusted the size of the six pins. An extension purchased now no longer fits on a Lightstrip Plus purchased before summer 2020.

A problem that has now been taken care of by the Danish accessory supplier Light Solutions. Among other things, I have already introduced you to the v4 adapters from Light Solutions, which are not quite cheap, but can solve many small or larger problems.

Unfortunately, it will be a little while longer before the adapters for connecting a v3 Light Strip with a v4 extension are available. I assume that sales will start in mid to late April and of course I will inform you again when that time comes.

Until then, you can write in the comments: Would such an adapter really be something you need for your installation?

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