Hueblog: Hue Essentials: Support for the wall switch module is not yet adequate

Hue Essentials: Support for the wall switch module is not yet adequate

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Since the weekend, the third-party app Hue Essentials offers initial support for the Philips Hue Wall Switch Module. I found some time this morning to take a closer look at the update and would like to tell you about my first impressions.

And unfortunately, they are not positive, even though I would have liked them to be. Although the Hue Wall Switch Module can now be configured via Hue Essentials and different operating modes can be selected, it is not yet suitable for practical use.

Why? Although you can set up to 10 scenes on the module in Hue Essentials and control depending on the time of day is also possible, both configurations lack an option to switch the light off again. And if it does exist somewhere, I simply haven't been able to discover it – which wouldn't be so great either.

Anyway, I find the layout of the user interface with the two tabs “Press” and “Release (press)” not really intuitive. From my point of view, there is still some work for the developers here.

But I think we should definitely give them this chance. After all, besides iConnectHue, Hue Essentials has emerged as one of the most popular apps in the past, especially on Android. And after all, the wall switch module has only been on the market for a fortnight.

‎Hue Essentials
‎Hue Essentials
Developer: Thomas Vos
Price: Free+

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