Hueblog: Philips Hue Iris Limited Edition: All four colours at a glance

Philips Hue Iris Limited Edition: All four colours at a glance

Which version is your favourite?

Philips Hue introduced a limited edition of its mood light Iris in early September. So far I have only been able to show you the silver Limited Edition, apart from the new, slightly revised Iris in black and white. That is exactly what I would like to change today.

In the following (german-speaking) video I can show you all four colour variations of the Philips Hue Iris Limited Edition in detail. To be more precise, besides the silver version of the table lamp, these are the colours gold, copper and rose.

There are subtle differences between the the four Hue Iris Limited Edition

I personally have a big favourite: The Iris Limited Edition in Rose. This is the only model of table lamp where the power cable is covered with nylon in the matching colour. Since you can never completely hide the beginning of the cable, I prefer this solution. The other models unfortunately only use white or black cables.

What I also noticed: Only the silver iris has a completely transparent body. On the other three models, the transparent plastic body is slightly coloured in the matching look. I definitely like that very much.

At least in my imagination I would have wished for an even nobler finish. A body of glass and a frame of aluminium, that would have been one more tooth sharper. But I am sure that the price would have been much higher. From a technical point of view there is no difference to the standard model, by the way. The Limited Edition also delivers up to 570 lumens at a colour temperature of 2,000 to 6,500 Kelvin and 16 million possible colours.

All in all, I like the four models of the Limited Edition very much, whereby I have a clear favourite with Rose. How do you see the situation? Which Limited Edition would you most like to buy?

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