Hueblog: Why this in-wall module should receive an official license

Why this in-wall module should receive an official license

Compatible with all switch manufacturers

The Friends of Hue switches have been on the market for almost two years and in principle there are still two problems: There are still manufacturers and switch series that do not offer a suitable Friends of Hue switch. In addition, there is a loud clicking sound every time a button is pressed, which provides the necessary energy for the wireless signal.

The Asian manufacturer Sunricher has now launched a built-in module that behaves like a normal Friends of Hue switch within the Hue app – apart from HomeKit support. The problem is that the module, like the battery-powered switch, is not officially licensed by Philips Hue, so there is no guarantee that it will work permanently.

The module is powered by 230 volts and has four slots for single-core cables, which in turn are connected to up to four buttons. You can get a push button from virtually any manufacturer to suit your switch system.

You have many options for the installation

What makes the story so exciting is that it makes no difference whether you connect four single push-buttons, two double push-buttons or a four-way push-button. So this solution is perfectly suitable for multiple frames. You can also connect only three push-buttons, but please remember that you need the button on the top right and bottom left to integrate it into the system. For configuration we recommend an app like iConnectHue, because here long keystrokes and alternations can be set flexibly.

There is also another decisive advantage: the annoying clicking noise is almost completely eliminated. In the following video I'll show you a small comparison of the different switches, with the in-wall module from Sunricher a push button from Gira is used.

If I was able to raise your interest, if you think you can do the cabling or if you have a helping hand, you can already order the module in a Dutch online shop for about 60 Euros. From October on, the particle will also be available in a German shop – always provided that Signify does not stop the whole story.

Friends of Hue build in module

Smart built-in module that you can connect to 230V and to which you can connect up to 4 wired switches of any desired brand of switching material. Each channel can wirelessly control a Philips Hue, INNR or Ikea Tradfri lamp. So you can continue to use your existing switchgear within your Zigbee installation!

54,95 EUR

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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