Hueblog: Senic is working on a new product for the outdoor area

Senic is working on a new product for the outdoor area

Is a weatherproof Friends of Hue switch coming?

In recent years, the Berlin-based manufacturer Senic has already made a name for itself in the Hue world. Thanks to the cooperation with Gira, a truly outstanding Friends of Hue switch has been launched on the market. Now Senic seems to be about to launch a new product.

As I have learned from my sources, Senic is working on a new product for outdoor use. That this is a Friends of Hue switch could not be confirmed to me yet, but the following small video seems to point to it.

You can see a kind of water cannon, which apparently will test the new product thoroughly. So it could very well be a kind of switch for outdoor use.

As I also learned, the product should be on the market soon. I even expect to receive official news in the course of this week.

What do you think? What kind of outdoor product could it be? Will it really be a Friends of Hue switch? Or is Senic working on something else?

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