Hueblog: Müller-Licht Tint: New globe lamp with up to 1,520 lumens

Müller-Licht Tint: New globe lamp with up to 1,520 lumens

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The smart brand Tint from Müller-Licht should be well known to you by now. Besides the new outdoor products, a new E27 globe lamp with up to 1,520 lumens brightness will be launched in the coming weeks. We have already had a closer look at the bulb, which will be available in stores for 34.95 euros.

First of all, we are of course thinking of the new Hue White with 1,600 lumens. Philips Hue has had to incorporate an efficient passive cooling system in this model in order to be able to retain the familiar form factor. Müller-Licht makes it easier with its Globe lamp – here, they simply built a larger bulb measuring just under 16 centimetres to ensure that the waste heat is better distributed.

From a technical point of view, however, there is a far greater difference: while the Hue White can only display one shade of white, the Globe lamp from Müller-Licht Tint offers not only different shades of white from 1,800 to 6,500 Kelvin, but also 16 million different colours.

In practice, I was able to capture quickly: The colourful Tint Globe actually shines brighter than a conventional Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance with 806 lumens. However, you can probably not speak of double brightness. I have to be honest at this point: I don't have the professional measuring device to measure the difference in brightness in figures.

If you like the form factor and are looking for a little more brightness, you can certainly go for the Globe lamp from Tint as soon as it is available in the shops. You can expect only the usual weaknesses: There is no support for HomeKit and Hue Entertainment. You will also notice that the transitions between the colours are not as smooth as with original lamps.

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