Hueblog: Tint Flores: First impression of the new outdoor spots from Müller-Licht

Tint Flores: First impression of the new outdoor spots from Müller-Licht

Direct comparison with the Innr Outdoor Spot

You may have already bought the Tint Flores outdoor spots from Aldi at the beginning of the month, at least if you are living in Germany. In the meantime I have received my test sample from the manufacturer and I can also tell you that the online distribution is on its way. currently offers 1-2 months delivery time, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes a bit faster.

But I wouldn't compare the new smart spots from Müller-Licht with the much more expensive and powerful Hue Lily – that would simply not be fair. But with the garden spotlights from Innr there is an alternative that costs exactly the same in a set of 3 – so here we can take a closer look.

Purely from the technical data, the Tint Flores also provide colourful light as we know it: White tones from 1,800 to 6,500 Kelvin and also 16 million colours – all this is no surprise. And thanks to the ZigBee connection, the connection with the Hue Bridge is no problem. Maybe you need to reset the spots by switching them on and off five times, but that's no big deal. Power is supplied via a cable with a total length of nine meters and an IP44 standardized power supply unit for outdoor use.

In direct comparison with Innr's outdoor spots, which are centrally controlled by a single ZigBee controller, we can spot a big difference during the setup: Each Flores spot appears as an individual light in the Hue-App and can therefore be freely controlled. For example, you can illuminate a shrub or a house wall in three different colours and create great gradients.

Each Tint Flores spot is up to 180 lumens bright

However, there are also some weak points that I have to point out. With only 180 lumens each spot shines 50 lumens less bright than Innr. For comparison: The much more expensive Hue Lily comes up to 640 lumens. In addition, the following also applies to the new product from Müller-Licht: maximum brightness is only achieved with white light – the colors are significantly darker. At this point, however, I can praise the fact that the change between the colours is much smoother with this new Müller-Licht model.

Another problem: the Tint Flores are not very versatile. They have a plastic earth spike that is permanently installed. Installation directly on the terrace or on a wall is therefore not possible with these outdoor spots – this is something you should definitely think about before buying.

Otherwise, the conclusion is simple: You get what you pay for. Compared to the much more expensive Hue Lily spots, the Tint Flores don't stand a chance – apart from the price, of course. And here they can score in direct comparison to the Innr Outdoor Spots with the better control – the three spots can shine in different colours at the same time.

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