Hueblog: Philips Hue is apparently working on new filament bulbs

Philips Hue is apparently working on new filament bulbs

Soon with White Ambiance?

In June, Philips Hue presented several new products, including the new Hue Centris ceiling lamp and the new generation of Hue Bloom. After the new outdoor releases in January, the second batch followed relatively early – which leads me to believe that there could well be something in September or October.

This is also indicated by some entries in the database of the FCC approval authority. There Signify already registered the following three LED lamps a few weeks ago:

  • 2AGBW9290022411AX
  • 2AGBW9290022413AX
  • 2AGBW9290022415AX

Since all three lamps are equipped with ZigBee and Bluetooth, it is reasonable to assume that these three models are Hue products. During my research I noticed a very interesting detail, because in summer 2019 Signify registered the following three models:

  • 2AGBW9290022411X
  • 2AGBW9290022413X
  • 2AGBW9290022415X

Exactly the same model number, except for the newly added “A” in the penultimate position. The three lamps from 2019 are the Hue White Filament in the three different shapes Standard, Edison and Globe.

What this means should be pretty clear: The Philips Hue filament series is expected to grow in size. I don't expect new shapes, but rather improved technology. White Ambiance is at the top of the wish list, as the filament lamps have only a fixed colour temperature until now. Other manufacturers have already shown that this is technically possible.

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