Hueblog: Lutron Aurora fits on the mounting plate of the Hue Smart Button

Lutron Aurora fits on the mounting plate of the Hue Smart Button

Only minor adjustments necessary

Unlike the Friends of Hue switches known in Europe, the Lutron Aurora offers a completely different design. Not without reason, because it was developed for American light switches and can be easily plugged onto them. This prevents the classic light switch from being operated – and at the same time provides a smart control.

The Lutron Aurora can also be ordered to Europe via for 50-55 Euros. With a small adjustment the Lutron Aurora can be clamped into the mounting plate of the Philips Hue Smart Button.

In order for Lutron Aurora to be pressed into the Smart Button frame, the small grey holder of the Lutron Aurora simply needs to be made a little smaller with a grinder like the “Dremel”. Hueblog reader Stefan lets us know the following about his adjustment:

Make the holder of the Lutron Aurora slightly smaller with the Dremel on the sides, then it will stick by itself. Of course you can also glue or even screw it if necessary.

If you still have a mounting plate of the Smart Button left and you are interested in the Lutron Aurora, which offers a turning function for dimming as well as a single button, this little tinkering is definitely an interesting way of fixing it.

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