Hueblog: These beautiful filament lamps with White Ambiance are not from Philips Hue

These beautiful filament lamps with White Ambiance are not from Philips Hue

First look at Tint Retro lamps from Müller-Licht

When Philips Hue launched its filament lamps last autumn, I was very impressed. Later, I realized that the fixed colour temperature of 2,100 Kelvin is not optimal for all purposes. In our open living, dining and cooking area, the warm white light above the dining table simply didn't match the cooler light in the kitchen.

The first White Ambiance Filament lamps, which have been launched in the past few weeks, have also failed to impress me. Here, boring, straight filaments are used, which optically cannot come close to the twisted filaments of Philips Hue bulbs.

New filament bulbs from Müller-Licht cost 24.95 euros

Müller-Licht also got inspired by this design for its Tint series and presented two new filament lamps. They can already be pre-ordered for 24.95 euros. Thanks to ZigBee 3.0, the lamps are easily compatible with the Hue Bridge. Still, you have to do without a direct connection to HomeKit.

In contrast to the “original” lamps from Philips Hue, the new Müller-Licht products even offer a White Ambiance feature. The colour temperature can be adjusted from 1,800 to 6,500 Kelvin, the maximum brightness is 380 lumen – but even that is still enough to make the lamp shine so brightly that you can't look at it directly.

Two LED light threads provide new possibilities

At low brightness, a look inside the lamp is all the more informative. Müller-Licht has not only installed one filament, but two. Not surprisingly, one of them shines in a warm shade of white, while the second shines in a cold white. The brightness of the light strip is simply regulated and different colour temperatures can be displayed. From a certain brightness and distance to the lamp, the two light threads even merge optically with each other.

For me, this is the perfect approach and a solution that I would also have wished for Philips Hue products. However, there will probably be no news in this area in the coming weeks and months – all the more reason for me to recommend the new Tint filament lamps from Müller-Licht.

The new filament lamps from Tint in detail

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