Hueblog: Officially introduced: This is the new Hue Outdoor Series

Officially introduced: This is the new Hue Outdoor Series

First products will be available in January

A few weeks ago we already had a first look, today Philips Hue officially presented its innovations for spring 2020 at CES. Just like last year, outdoor products will again be presented at CES, including a new more powerful spot. In this article we’ll present the models you can look forward to in the coming weeks.

Philips Hue wall lamp Appear


The 139.99 euro wall lamp Appear offers a total of 1,200 lumens. The two 8 watt lights are directed upwards and downwards and throw two light cones of the same colour onto the wall. Available from the end of January.

Philips Hue wall lamp Attract

Also available as a White and Color Ambiance model, it will be released in January for 149.99 euros. The glass design of the lampshade is without a doubt exceptional for the Hue world. The lamp offers a total of 600 lumens.

Philips Hue wall lamp Daylo

The Daylo wall lamp will be available in two different versions in January. For 114.99 euros you get a black model made of aluminium, for 119.99 euros there is a silver version with a stainless steel frame. Both versions of the color lamp deliver a brightness of up to 1,050 lumens at 15 watts.

Philips Hue wall lamp Impress

The Impress series was already published last year and is now being supplemented by a further wall lamp. It is one of the first wall luminaires ever without a fixed power connection. Instead, it is connected to the well-known low voltage system. With 1,200 lumens the Impress is quite bright, for the extension set with 5 metres of cable and T-piece 129.99 Euros are called up.

Philips Hue Spot Lily XL

Probably the most exciting new release is the big brother of the well-known Lily spot. With 1,050 lumens, the Lily XL offers significantly increased brightness. Included in the scope of delivery of the 139.99 euro expensive extension are a T-piece and the cable for the low-voltage system, a wall mounting and a ground stake. There is also a cap that focuses the light cone even further.

Philips Hue wall lamp Nyro

The new wall lamp Nyro offers a rather angular design. 1,000 lumens brightness at 13.5 watts power is offered, the 119.99 euro expensive lamp is made of aluminium. Delivery here is expected in April.

Philips Hue skirting lamp Nyro

There is also a large plinth luminaire to match the wall luminaire, but the lighting element is identical here. With 149,99 Euro you pay a little more. Market launch is also planned for April.

Philips Hue wall lamp Resonate

For 139.99 euros, the wall lamp Resonate is available in two different versions: black aluminium or silver stainless steel. Both models offer 1,200 lumens, divided into two 8-watt lamps of the same colour.

Philips Hue Outdoor Power Supply

The well-known 40 watt outdoor power supply unit for the low voltage system will also be available separately from April for 39.99 euros. But it gets even more interesting: For 69.99 euros you can also get a 100 watt power supply unit with two low-voltage connections to operate even more outdoor lamps from one socket.

Philips Hue Outdoor Cable + T-piece

Starting in January, Philips Hue will also be selling a 2.5-meter cable with a T-piece for 17.99 euros. This is a bit more than was previously demanded for the 5-metre cable, but in return you get the T-piece, which has not been available without an extension.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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