Hueblog: E14 Filament: Buy at Ikea or wait for Philips Hue?

E14 Filament: Buy at Ikea or wait for Philips Hue?

Bulbs already available for 7.99 euros

A few weeks ago, Hueblog reader Johan from Sweden was kind enough not only to inform me about the launch of the new filament lamps from Ikea, but also to get me the novelties when they were not yet available in Germany. Unfortunately, it took a little longer than planned with the postal delivery and in the meantime I was able to find out that Philips Hue will launch its first E14 filament in autumn. So the thing with Ikea has fallen asleep a bit.

Now I have asked myself what I can recommend. To go straight to Ikea now and buy the ZigBee-enabled Trådfri light bulb for 7.99 euros? Or wait a few more weeks and then buy the original from Philips Hue?

How bright are the 250 lumens of the E14 filament from Ikea?

At least in terms of design and technology, there won’t be much difference between the two bulbs, they look almost identical and the Trådfri model is only a touch less bright with 250 lumens. I assume that in practice there will be no significant difference to the 270 lumens we get with Philips Hue.

Lumen is a good keyword. 250 lumens, that sounds very little, but it literally depends on the viewing perspective. In contrast to normal Hue bulbs, the filament lamps are not hidden behind lampshades. Moreover, it can be assumed that an E14 lamp rarely comes alone, for example in a chandelier. So it’s the mass that makes the difference. And I can tell you: the 250 lumens of the Trådfri bulb are so bright that you don’t want to look directly into it.

If you don’t necessarily need the direct HomeKit connection, which is not available with Ikea lamps via the Hue Bridge, you will probably also look at the price in the end. 7.99 euros for a light bulb is quite a price, the original from Philips Hue will probably end up somewhere around 15 euros. That doesn’t sound much more expensive at first – but when it comes to 8 or 10 filament candles, the bulbs from Ikea could become an interesting alternative.

Ikea Trådfri E14 Filament

Smart light bulb that can be dimmed wirelessly for adjusted brightness. With filament, tinted glass and warm glow, it is reminiscent of lighting from the past. Contributes to a pleasant atmosphere with or without shade.

7,99 EUR

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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