Hueblog: Philips Hue Go: The new portable table lamp in detail

Philips Hue Go: The new portable table lamp in detail

Up to 48 hours of battery life

Perhaps you have already noticed: Today is the longest day of the year. It's also clear that the days are getting shorter again and lighting is needed on the terrace or balcony in the evening. Philips Hue has presented a potential candidate today: The portable table lamp from the Hue Go series.

Unfortunately, the table lamp, which is available in black or white, is not yet available for purchase, but it should be in late summer. Fortunately, the new Hue Go can also be used indoors as a small table lamp if it is already too cold outside.

The price of 149.99 euros is, of course, a lot to pay at first glance. However, high-quality table lamps with rechargeable battery, charging station and IP54 water protection can cost 100 euros or more – and then no smart function is built in. In addition, the price of the portable Hue Go table lamp will certainly drop a little in the shops.

New Hue Go table lamp offers up to 530 lumens of brightness

I was already able to try out the new Hue Go briefly, and I was convinced by the metal finish. There is also a silicone handle, which can also be removed. Visually, there was only one thing that massively disturbed me: the white Hue Go table lamp comes with a black charging station and a black charging cable. That really doesn't look nice, especially as the power cable is not particularly nicely finished either. Here, for example, I would have liked a cable braided with nylon, as is the case with the external power supply of the Perifo series.

In terms of brightness, the new Hue Go is quite impressive. 530 lumens at 4,000 Kelvin and 370 lumens at standard white are more than comparable battery lights have to offer. The battery life is around six hours with bright light, and even up to 48 hours are possible with scenes such as flickering candles or a fireplace. Charging on the charging station equipped with contacts takes around three to four hours.

The table lamp can be controlled via the Hue app – either via the bridge or a direct Bluetooth connection. In addition, there is a button on top of the Hue Go that can not only be used to switch it on and off, but also to switch through several predefined or user-defined scenes.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more…for 170 USD, the black cable with the white lamp ruins it and imo the giant black plug is even worse. I wanted to love it, but something that sounds so minor, was a big design miss!

  2. It’s a real failure. It doesn’t sit cleanly on the base, which means the power charging connection isn’t always made and the battery drains. The slightest floor vibration is enough to unseat it.

    This really is a flawed design.

    Working with Philips to get a replacement in hopes it will be better…but from what I can read of others who bought this light, they’re having the same problems.

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