Hueblog: Handy power strip from Sunricher with ZigBee on the way

Handy power strip from Sunricher with ZigBee on the way

Four plugs and two USB ports

When Lidl had a power strip with ZigBee on sale for just under 30 euros last December, the interest was really high. Unfortunately, there was a small problem: despite Lidl’s promises, the power strip could not be paired with the Philips Hue Bridge. Müller-Licht made another attempt with the Tint power strip, which in my view was an absolute mistake: only two of the four plugs could be controlled via app – and only together.

Now Sunricher is preparing to bring a functioning and practical power strip with ZigBee onto the market. It will still take a few weeks before it is available in Germany, but I already have the first information.

The power strip will have a total of four plugs that can be controlled separately. There are also two USB ports that can be switched on and off as a group. On the Hue Bridge, the power strip is supposed to register in the form of five individual devices.

In my view, that would definitely be a big advantage over the Müller-Licht Tint model. However, one should also bear in mind that a maximum of 63 devices can be paired with the Hue Bridge – and the power strip alone would already have a capacity of just under 10 per cent. As soon as I get my hands on the accessories myself, I will of course get back to you.

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