Hueblog: Tint Khaya: Stylish outdoor floor lamp by Müller-Licht

Tint Khaya: Stylish outdoor floor lamp by Müller-Licht

ZigBee lamp is included in the package

A few weeks ago, you could buy the Tint Khaya by Müller-Licht at a special price at Aldi, but now the outdoor floor lamp can also be ordered regularly at Amazon. Reason enough to take another closer look at the model.

The dimensions of the outdoor floor lamp, which has an IP44 protection class, are certainly impressive. Completely assembled, the Tint Khaya has a size of 143 centimetres, the lampshade has a diameter of 40 centimetres. Great: The power cable, which can be attached to one of the three feet starting from the lampshade, has a length of 300 centimetres. This is handy if the next socket is not directly within reach.

A look inside is also interesting. If you remove the lampshade, a conventional E27 base is used. This can be fitted with a colour bulb, which is included in the package of the Tint Khaya. The LED bulb from Müller-Licht can also be simply paired with the Hue Bridge via ZigBee, in which case the control with the supplied remote control no longer works.

I don't think this solution is too bad. After all, you have the simple option of replacing the bulb later. For example, if you have an original Hue bulb left over or you want to use a bulb with even more brightness – such as the Hue White with 1,600 lumens.

By the way, the quality of the Tint Khaya is absolutely okay, especially the metal frame with its black look is a real eye-catcher. And I really have to say that the floor lamp looks really good on my neighbours' terrace. By the way: sometimes it's really useful to live right next door to the Hueblog author.

Of course, you could also just buy an outdoor-suitable floor lamp with an E27 socket and equip it yourself with a Hue bulb. With a price of around 120 euros (, the Tint Khaya from Müller-Licht is more in the lower price segment – and you can get started “out of the box” and integrate the outdoor floor lamp into the Smart Home.

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