Hueblog: New Philips Hue App is available for download

New Philips Hue App is available for download

For iPhone, iPad and Android

If you're a diligent reader, you'll have heard from us that Signify is working on a new Philips Hue App. And as of today, version 4.0 of the Hue App is available, bringing with it numerous new features.

New design, new experience: Featuring a more intuitive interface that reflects the way you want to use your smart lights, the new app offers faster performance and a sleeker feel.

Packed with features: Get easier access to light scenes. Let everyone in the house trigger Home and away automations. With these features and more, you have ultimate control.

Improved performance: New technologies have improved the app’s performance and speed, while also delivering an easier to use, more robust user experience.

Organize Rooms and Zones: Grouping your lights into Rooms and Zones lets you control lights as you need them. Separate upstairs bedrooms into Rooms, then create a Zone to control the entire floor.

More intuitive than ever: The simplified user interface creates a seamless experience, letting you set scenes, dim and brighten, and toggle lights on and off from the same screen.

Switch between Hue Bridges: Have more than one Hue Bridge? No problem! You can easily switch between them by tapping the Hue Bridge icon in the Home tab.

Crafted by lighting experts: Each light scene in the Hue scene gallery has been specially created by lighting designers. Bring professional lighting into your own home — all with the Hue app.

One screen, all scenes: Access every light scene from the Hue scene gallery in a single screen, and set them in any Room or Zone with a single tap.

Personalize with automations: The new Automations tab replaces Routines, offering more flexibility in customizing the way you use your lights. With a design that displays all your automations at once, you get a better overview of your smart home.

Design your Entertainment area: In a pseudo-3D space, you can customize your Entertainment area by changing the location and height of the lights in the room — and watch them light up in real life.

The new Philips Hue app is available today in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
Price: Free
‎Philips Hue
‎Philips Hue
Price: Free+

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

Smart Lighting is great. I love the possibilities and also like Hue very much. We want to share our informations und insides with all of you. I am from Germany and not a native speaker - don't be so hard with us ;)

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  1. I’ve always found the colour circle a really fiddly way to change colours with multiple lights in the same room. I much prefer being able see each light represented as a tile and being able to alter the colour individually. Imagine my delight to discover that is now the ONLY way to change colour with the updated app.

  2. The new app can’t connect/find my existing bridge and equipment. The new app deletes or forgets the configs and forces you through a new setup, but can’t find my existing equipment. At least its all still working with homekit.

  3. I use the Hue app for remote access to a vacation home. I have lost that connection with the automatic update to 4.0 and apparently need to be at the house to re-establish control. This seems to be a deficiency as remote users are now unable to monitor or control lighting until we physically visit the remote locations.

    1. Me too. Incredibly inconsiderate of Signify to treat its best customers (who have multiple hubs in multiple homes) this way.

      At the very least a warning should have been provided that this would happen after the so-called “update”.

  4. NOT THANKS for making me update my app 🙁
    They ruined everything starting from the removal of the widget and timers… bad decisions

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