Hueblog: New Philips Hue App is available for download

New Philips Hue App is available for download

For iPhone, iPad and Android

If you’re a diligent reader, you’ll have heard from us that Signify is working on a new Philips Hue App. And as of today, version 4.0 of the Hue App is available, bringing with it numerous new features.

New design, new experience: Featuring a more intuitive interface that reflects the way you want to use your smart lights, the new app offers faster performance and a sleeker feel.

Packed with features: Get easier access to light scenes. Let everyone in the house trigger Home and away automations. With these features and more, you have ultimate control.

Improved performance: New technologies have improved the app’s performance and speed, while also delivering an easier to use, more robust user experience.

Organize Rooms and Zones: Grouping your lights into Rooms and Zones lets you control lights as you need them. Separate upstairs bedrooms into Rooms, then create a Zone to control the entire floor.

More intuitive than ever: The simplified user interface creates a seamless experience, letting you set scenes, dim and brighten, and toggle lights on and off from the same screen.

Switch between Hue Bridges: Have more than one Hue Bridge? No problem! You can easily switch between them by tapping the Hue Bridge icon in the Home tab.

Crafted by lighting experts: Each light scene in the Hue scene gallery has been specially created by lighting designers. Bring professional lighting into your own home — all with the Hue app.

One screen, all scenes: Access every light scene from the Hue scene gallery in a single screen, and set them in any Room or Zone with a single tap.

Personalize with automations: The new Automations tab replaces Routines, offering more flexibility in customizing the way you use your lights. With a design that displays all your automations at once, you get a better overview of your smart home.

Design your Entertainment area: In a pseudo-3D space, you can customize your Entertainment area by changing the location and height of the lights in the room — and watch them light up in real life.

The new Philips Hue app is available today in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue
Price: Free
‎Philips Hue
‎Philips Hue
Price: Free

Smart Lighting is great. I love the possibilities and also like Hue very much. We want to share our informations und insides with all of you. I am from Germany and not a native speaker - don't be so hard with us ;)

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  1. I’ve always found the colour circle a really fiddly way to change colours with multiple lights in the same room. I much prefer being able see each light represented as a tile and being able to alter the colour individually. Imagine my delight to discover that is now the ONLY way to change colour with the updated app.

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