Hueblog: What I would like to see for the Hue Wall Switch Module

What I would like to see for the Hue Wall Switch Module

A night mode should be offered

We still have to wait about a month until the Philips Hue Wall Switch Module finally hits the market. With the small accessory, you will be able to turn classic light switches into Hue light switches in order to be able to switch Philips Hue light bulbs supplied with permanent power.

It is already clear that there will only be one mode at the launch of the product: You will be able to activate three scenes by switching the lights on and off several times. Initially, the wall switch module will not feature time-based control, as is the case with the Hue Smart Button or the new Hue dimmer switch.

Hue wall switch module should be able to switch other scenes at night

Anyway, things look a little different in my mind. I would like to see a night mode, as it is also used for the motion sensor, for example. A configuration in the kids’ room could then look like this: From 7:00 to 20:00, the first switch activates a normal bright light, the second switch activates a coloured light for playing. From 20:00 to 7:00, the first switch activates a dimmed night light and the second switch activates a bright light.

For me, the three scenes envisaged by Hue would not be needed at all; with the two time zones, the wall switch module would only have to switch one more scene. That shouldn’t be a big problem in terms of resources.

In practice, this would have a big advantage for me: if we have to go into the kids room at night, we could immediately switch on a dimmed light without any additional accessories. A similar assignment of the switch would certainly also be very practical in the bathroom or bedroom.

It will be interesting to see whether Philips Hue will offer such a possibility at launch. If the API allows it, which I assume at the moment, it should not take long until developers of apps such as iConnectHue or Hue Essentials offer corresponding functions. I have already received feedback from both sides that they will look at the new module as soon as possible.

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