Hueblog: What you can do with the FoH module from Sunricher

What you can do with the FoH module from Sunricher

Lab3D has fired up the 3D printer

It's been almost a year since I introduced you to the unofficial Friends of Hue switch from Sunricher. The Asians have created a module that looks confusingly similar to the familiar and official EnOcean module. And they still stand by their statement that Philips Hue cannot exclude these not-quite-official switches, which are powered by a coin cell, from the Hue Bridge.

What you can do with the module from Sunricher is now shown to us by our colleagues from Lab3D in Denmark. They have disassembled the module into its individual parts and built two FoH switches based on Sunricher's circuit board, with which you can perfectly replace classic light switches in Denmark.

Because of the much more compact design – the switches measure just five centimetres including the frame – we can't do much with them in Germany at the moment. Nevertheless, I find the story really exciting.

For example, I could very well imagine that the Sunricher board could be used in a kind of remote control, more or less as an alternative to the Philips Hue dimmer switch. After all, there would be even more possibilities here, because the FoH module has four buttons, of which two can also be pressed together. Together with the possible long button press, you can configure a total of twelve different actions with a suitable app such as iConnectHue or Hue Essentials. That is four more than with the dimmer switch.

Of course, the modifications currently offered by Lab3D would also be suitable for this purpose, but I don't find the back of the switches sexy enough yet.

Just write in the comments how you imagine the perfect remote control for your Hue system. Maybe Lab3D will come up with an idea or two that can actually be realised with a 3D printer.

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