Hueblog: Sunricher is working on a silent Friends of Hue switch

Sunricher is working on a silent Friends of Hue switch

EnOcean module with battery

Only this morning, we reported about the Friends of Hue switches, this time focussing on the model of Senic and Gira. But no matter which manufacturer is involved, all switches have one thing in common so far: they work without batteries and generate the required energy with a relatively loud click.

And this is exactly where a video from Sunricher comes into play. On YouTube, the Hong Kong manufacturer shows an EnOcean module that offers exactly the same dimensions and functions as the familiar modules from the Friends of Hue switches. But there is one big difference: the energy needed for operation is not obtained by kinetics, but is provided by a small button cell.

(YouTube video)

Of course, this has a decisive advantage: the rather loud clicking of the switch is hardly noticeable. At the same time, you hardly have to accept any loss of comfort: the module can be configured as usual via the Hue app, and the battery life is eight to ten years.

Unfortunately, I don't have any further information regarding a possible market launch in Germany yet. In any case, Sunricher's sales are not necessarily aimed at the end customer – nevertheless I will of course keep a closer eye on the story. And there still seems to be a problem at this time: as I found out during my research, Sunricher's module has not yet been certified by Signify as Friends of Hue. But I hope that this great development will not be hindered. A button cell for more than eight years looks like a great prospect.

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