Hueblog: Guide: Use the 5th and 6th button on the Friends of Hue switch

Guide: Use the 5th and 6th button on the Friends of Hue switch

Feature explained in video

Together with our colleagues from Senic, we want to provide you with some beginners’ videos in the coming weeks. We'll start with a little guide around the Friends of Hue switch, which we all know well already.

With the two rockers, you can assign four buttons to the official Hue app and perform a total of eight actions, because even a long keystroke is recognized. But that's not all: with third-party apps like iConnectHue, you can also assign a fifth and sixth key by simply pressing both rockers at the same time.

You can see how this works in the following video:

By the way, if you want to gift a little surprise for Father's Day, Senic has a great sale at the ready. Anyone who buys at least one Friends of Hue button in the manufacturer's online shop until Sunday 24th May will automatically be placed in the lottery pot for a prize draw. With a bit of luck, you can win a great Hue bundle consisting of Hue Play Lightbar, Hue Go, Hue Smart Plug and a Senic Friends of Hue button worth around 200 Euros.

The Friends of Hue Switch from Senic has been developed in cooperation with Gira, fits perfectly with the popular System 55 and is available in four different colours. There is a choice of a single switch for 69 euros or a pack of three for 189 euros, i.e. 63 euros per piece.

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