Hueblog: Detailed review with video: This is the new Innr Outdoor LightStrip

Detailed review with video: This is the new Innr Outdoor LightStrip

A comprehensive look at the OFL 140 C

Last week, I was able to take a look at the new Innr Outdoor Spots OSL 130 C. Today, I will take a look at the OFL 140 C, the Outdoor Flex Light from Innr. Or in short: the first real alternative to the well-known Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrip.

From the end of May, two different versions will be available in stores: for 59.99 euros, you will get a two-metre Outdoor LightStrip from Innr with 550 lumens, for 99.99 euros you will get four metres with a total of 1,000 lumens. Or to put it briefly: you pay considerably less than for the Philips Hue original and get a little less brightness in return.

The Innr Outdoor LightStrip is just as easy to use: a 1.5 metre cable leads from the plug to the transformer with IP44 protection, starting here, it is IP67. After another 15 cm of cable, there is a connecting plug, followed by 2 metres of cable to the ZigBee controller. Then follows 1 metre and another plug, and after additional 15 cm, the Outdoor LightStrip starts.

The light strip itself is excellently built and significantly stiffer than the Outdoor LightStrip from Philips Hue. This has one advantage: laid flat on the ground, for example in a bed, the Innr LightStrip keeps its position much better. However, another detail is noteworthy: at Innr, the Outdoor LightStrip is actually illuminated from start to finish. Philips Hue often lacks a few centimeters here – you can see this very well in the video below.

In terms of color reproduction, the Innr OFL 140 C doesn't have to stand back either. Overall, the light strip emits a very homogeneous image, individual LEDs are virtually invisible. The slightly lower brightness is certainly noticeable, but should hardly be noticeable in everyday life if the Outdoor LightStrip is not used for direct lighting but as mood light.

There is one thing, however, where Innr still has a lot of catching up to do: Philips Hue already has a huge portfolio of low-voltage products that can be combined in a variety of ways, especially when the 100 watt power supply unit becomes available. Innr is still at the beginning here – but their day may come.

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