Hueblog: Friends of Hue switches are now also getting smarter

Friends of Hue switches are now also getting smarter

Natural light and other functions

With the latest update to the Hue app, Philips Hue has already made its somewhat outdated Hue Tap smarter. In principle, the switch contains exactly the same module that we know from the Friends of Hue switches – just with slightly different firmware. I had already noted at the time that the third-party switches would be next in line.

That seems to be the case now. There have been corresponding comments both in the Hueblog community and by email. The Hue app now also contains the following message in connection with the Friends of Hue switches: “New! You now have access to time-based light, scene cycle mode, the ‘Natural light' scene, improved dimming behaviour and more.”

I have two Friends of Hue switches in my home, but I have configured them with iConnectHue. The new options are not yet displayed in the Hue app. However, it could also be that the activation of the new functions is related to the software update 1963171020 of the Hue Bridge, which has been rolled out since 28 March.

What Friends of Hue switches can do after the update

Maybe your switch is ready already. Here are the new features in detail:

  • Activate natural light with the Friends of Hue switch
  • Activate scenes using up to 10 timeslots
  • Scene cycle with up to 10 scenes
  • Switch lamps on and off with one button
  • Improved dimming functionality

You are welcome to let us know in the comments whether the new functions for the Friends of Hue switches have already been activated in your Hue app.

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  1. This feature has been activated since March 28th here in the US. This is definitely a huge upgrade to the Friends of Hue switche! I have 18 Lutron Aurora switches that can now be configured in different ways. From a single, a double, and press and hold to also the rotation dial, all can be configured.

  2. Hi, I got notified of the upgrade in the HUE app but did not act on it. Now I have time to act on it but the notification has gone and when I reset (tried 2 out of 3 Niko wall Switches (battery less 4 button model) no new scenes or functionality to be found. I would suppose that the defaults after a reset should contain the new functionality.

    1. Ok, I did reboot the HUE bridge (iConnectHue app) and got the blue dot again and this time I could set up the new functionalities.

    2. To conclude my experience:
      – I did not react on the improved functionality when the blue dot’s appeared next to the dimmer switches.
      – The blue dot’s and funtionality message dissapeared after a while
      – Tried to obtain the new functionality to the Friends of Hue switches but even after resetting the old behavior was given.
      – Restarted the HUE bridge (iOS app iConnectHue) and the blue dots of new functionality including the accompanied text box reappeared.
      – Now when resetting and configuring the Friends of Hue do offer and retain the new functionality.

  3. The natural light function is nice. But with several switches/remote, it is quite time consuming to change the schedule (e.g. 07h – 10h) and type of light (read, concentrate, …) for each of them. Is there no way to save it and reuse it? Thanks

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