Hueblog: Paulmann: Probably the most beautiful Hue lamps

Paulmann: Probably the most beautiful Hue lamps

New light sources with opal glass bodies

One thing is as certain: standard Philips Hue lamps, no matter whether with E14 or E27 base, will certainly not win a beauty prize. After all, filament lamps have been available in stores since September 2019 which are visually very convincing thanks to their twisted filaments. Unfortunately, the filament lamps are only Hue Whites, which cannot display different colour temperatures.

With the inexpensive filament bulb from Oeeone, I have already presented a candidate that offers “Tunable White”, i.e. different shades of white. Meanwhile, Paulmann also offers White Ambiance Filaments. But here I have to say: With the four filaments lined up, these filament lamps are much less attractive than the monochrome Hue models.

Paulmann has now gone one step further. They have equipped the glass bodies of two of their three available filament forms with an opal coating. At first glance, this looks rather boring, but when I switched it on I quickly realized: whew, this is really stylish. I have summarized my impressions in the following video (in German language).

Paulmann's new ZigBee lamps, especially the large Globe, offer something that has never been seen before in the Hue world. The lamp I tested looks simply wonderful when switched on, it is evenly illuminated and with 806 lumens it is quite bright. I was really surprised by its great optics.

Unfortunately, this also comes at a price. The standard bulb shape with opal coating costs 39.95 euros, the slightly larger globe 45.95 euros.

Luckily, prices on the market have already decreased; at Amazon, for example, you only pay 39.95 euros for the coated globe – also a steep price but hopefully be a tad lower in the course of time.

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