Hueblog: Unboxed: The Friends of Hue switch from Senic and Gira

Unboxed: The Friends of Hue switch from Senic and Gira

The Berlin start-up Senic is launching its own Friends of Hue switch in cooperation with Gira. I took a closer look at it.

Something’s going on in the Hue world: last week alone numerous new products have been launched. By no means that is all that awaits us this year. But not only Signify is busy, other manufacturers are as well: Berlin-based start-up Senic has teamed up with Gira to create its own Friends of Hue switch.

From a purely technical point of view, there are no big surprises with this model: the control module inside the switch is the same for all Friends of Hue switches. But the Senic model is based on the standard System 55 and fits into most switch frames. It is also available in the design of the Gira E2 switch range in matte black and matte white.

But don't worry: If your Gira switches on the wall shine in “pure glossy white”, you can also have the matching frame and the two rockers sent to you free of charge by the Senic support team – this also applies to other colours from the Gira range. You can even have a single rocker sent to you on request. Of course you lose two buttons with this, but I think the idea is great: especially in rooms where you don't need many individual buttons it is much easier to “blindly” operate the Friends of Hue switch.

Basic information about the Friends of Hue switch

Since there are always questions about the Friends of Hue switches, I would like to share some basic information with you:

  • the Friends of Hue switch from Senic is wireless and can be mounted on empty switch boxes or on smooth surfaces
  • for mounting on a switch box, the classic light switch must be removed and the connected lamp must be set to continuous current power
  • power is supplied by the switch itself, each click generates enough energy to send the command to the Hue base
  • the switches can be configured in a few minutes via the Hue app, but much more options are available with third-party apps like iConnectHue

The first batch of the Friends of Hue switch from Senic and Gira was sold for 49 euros at the start of IFA, but is now sold out. The second batch has already been ordered, with immediate effect the pre-order price via Senic website is 59 euros. Later the counter is supposed to cost 69 Euro.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. I’ve bought 3 of the 3 pack bundle from the second batch in matte white.
    They look really nice and that they are in System55 makes them easy to mix with for example floor heating thermostat in a double frame.
    First I tried the Niko switches, but the buttons is measured 45 by 45 mm.

    In my opinion is the feel of the Senic better than the Niko switch and is easier to press, maybe that extra mm of the rocker makes the momentum less?

    So I rebuilt my existing 3 Niko switches with parts from Gira so they look exactly as the rest of my Senic switches.

    The E2 frame is stylish, but I have for a long time looked at the Gira Esprit Linoleum-Plywood frame, so it was really a gift from above that Senic collaborates with Gira.
    Now do I use my Senic switches in both single and double frames. Some covers existing switch boxes and some is glued or screwed directly to the wall and I use both the double rocker and single rocker depending on the light they are connected to.

    Here is the link to my frames if someone is interested to experiment with the layout:

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