Hueblog: Matter update for Hue Bridge coming in September

Matter update for Hue Bridge coming in September

Centris and Perifo launching in North America

Actually, it was supposed to be ready in spring, but in the end it took a little longer than planned. In the context of the IFA announcement, Philips Hue has now announced that the Matter update for the Hue Bridge, which was promised last year, will be rolled out in September.

The update will make all previously available Hue products, whether lamps, switches or sensors, compatible with the new Matter standard and will then be able to integrate even more easily with Matter products from other manufacturers in other apps. All communication with the Matter protocol takes place via the Hue Bridge.

Hue Secure Cam will also get Matter support

The Philips Hue smart home cameras introduced today will also receive Matter support. However, patience is still needed here: the Matter standard does not yet include any cameras. The manufacturers must first agree on a precise specification before the cameras can be certified.

As George Yianni, the inventor of Philips Hue, reports, with luck the cameras will be equipped with Matter next year at the earliest and will then also be compatible with HomeKit.

After the launch of the new Hue Secure product range, support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will be added first. When communicating with corresponding end devices, for example an Echo Show, the otherwise active end-to-end encryption will be deactivated for this transmission.

New in North America: Hue Centris and Hue Perifo

With Philips Hue Perifo track lighting, you can become your home’s personal lighting designer. Perifo is a new line from Philips Hue that comprises individual rails and lights that fit together to make a fully customizable track. You choose the layout, length of the track, and light fixtures to get full control over the way you light your home. The track can be attached to the wall by plugging in the power supply or on the ceiling by wiring it directly into your home’s electricity. Choose from pendants, spotlights, light bars, and light tubes and click them easily into the track. Available in black or white, Perifo is available as separate components or preselected into kits.

Philips Hue Centris is a unique and innovative combination ceiling spotlight that features colorful light. The diffused main ceiling light illuminates the whole room, while 350-degree adjustable spotlights can be angled to highlight parts of the room. Each light can be set and controlled individually with the Philips Hue app.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

In den letzten Jahren habe ich mich zu einem echten Experten in Sachen Hue & HomeKit entwickelt. Mittlerweile habe ich über 50 Lampen und zahlreiche Schalter im Einsatz. In meinem kleinen Blog teile ich meine Erfahrungen gerne mit euch.

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  1. Does it mean other Mater compatible devices will also be available in the hue hub ?

    Triggering routine based on an external device?

    I guess the current hub doesn’t have any space for this?

  2. New software for the Hue Bridge is released. Does this contain the Matter protocol already? Version nr is: 1959194040

    1. No typo, Lurifuxx. The release notes are always a week or so later on their page. But software is already on my bridge, yours probably soon too.

  3. I don’t see the point in releasing so many new products when the bridge doesn’t have enough capacity to store them.
    I don’t understand why it’s so hard to release an updated bridge with much more storage. It’s been eight years since the gen 2 bridge came out.

    1. They are heavily developing the smooth integration and merge of multiple bridges into one account. The world is having too many (multiple) bridge setups already to release a new bridge. Expect this year a fully integrated app/software version for Hue

    2. Either this is just a joking comment or there is actually something to it. If you have more information to possibly verify this story, I would be happy to receive an email from you.

  4. Can we use the HUE bridge with smartthings (with Matter protocol). Example: I can make rutine in smartthings with a HUE motion sensor. Another question: when matter update arrived, we must re-pair with smartthings hub (like a matter device)?

  5. Hue bridge version 1.60.1960062030 is released and Matter is available on the Bridge. Can set it up by connecting ovet Matter to all Hue Lights.

  6. I added all my lights from Hue to Smartthings using Matter. For most lights, it worked great with colour and dimming. Any bulb or downlight that doesn’t have colour like the Garnea have come across as a simple switch with no colour temperature or dimming.

    Interestingly I also added Hue to Google using Matter and all lights come through OK. I guess the problem is with Smartthings.

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