Hueblog: Hue wall switch module works with either switches or pushbuttons

Hue wall switch module works with either switches or pushbuttons

Mixed installation will not be possible

It should be another two months or so before Philips Hue finally launches its new wall switch module. Formerly developed by Insta as a Friends of Hue accessory, the product will be able to turn a traditional light switch into a smart light switch. I have already collected numerous answers about the new wall switch module for you.

Today I would like to deal with a somewhat more specific question. As is already known, you will be able to connect two switches or two pushbuttons to the in-wall module. It doesn't matter if you use for example two simple switches or one switch with double rocker.

Pushbuttons offer an additional function

Switches are probably used in most European households, but pushbuttons can also be used. These even have an advantage: not only can three scenes be used, if you hold down the button, you will also be able to dim the lamps connected in the Hue app.

However, one thing will not work: You won't be able to connect a push button and a switch to the Philips Hue wall switch module at the same time. This should only affect a few users anyway, but I still wanted to give you this information along the way.

In the Hue app, the module will then appear in the accessories list and offer a detailed view in which you can make settings for the two inputs separately from each other. Of course, it is also possible to use the module with only one connected switch.

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