Hueblog: Not quite official in-wall switch with Friends of Hue technology

Not quite official in-wall switch with Friends of Hue technology

Making every switch series smart

In August I already introduced the not quite official Friends of Hue switch to you, which does not rely on kinetic energy, but is powered by a button cell. The whole thing is not licensed by Signify, but works in conjunction with the Hue Bridge like any other Friends of Hue switch.

Now the Asians have come up with something new again: A in-wall module. This can currently be ordered in the Netherlands and will be available in Germany from the beginning of October. How exactly the in-wall module works and how it is wired, you can read in this manual. But of course I would like to give you a few details already.

The in-wall module itself is connected with lead and neutral to a 230 Volt power supply and thus permanently supplied with electricity. The connection to a quadruple button of a manufacturer of your choice is made via five cables – one for each button and one COM port.

In practice, this means that any switch series for which a four-way push-button is available can be made smart with the in-wall module. No more expensive frames and complicated modifications are necessary. In addition, the click noise should also be much more pleasant.

But I have to give you a note at this point again: Even if ZigBee technology is used and the firmware seems to be identical or very similar, this is not an official Friends of Hue product. I also learned that Signify is not really enthusiastic about the whole story. It is possible that at some point the sale will simply be stopped, in the worst case the connection to the Hue Bridge could be cut off.

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