Hueblog: Re-order old LightStrip extensions: Philips Hue working on a solution

Re-order old LightStrip extensions: Philips Hue working on a solution

New model not compatible

Last month Philips Hue updated what is probably its most popular product: The LightStrip Plus. The new model now also works via Bluetooth, and cut-off parts can be reconnected with a connector. But this is not the only change.

As I already found out, the connection between LightStrip and extension has changed as well. This means: The base of the old generation is not compatible with the extensions of the new generation – and vice versa. You can see this very well on the following picture.

A small detail that could become a problem exactly when an older LightStrip is to be extended at a later date, but the old extensions are no longer commercially available.

A problem that has also been recognised by Signify. As I was informed, they are currently working on a solution. Apparently, they want to offer customers the possibility to order the “old” extensions in the future and thus ensure the supply. As soon as there are any news, I will of course get back to you.

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