Hueblog: Re-order old LightStrip extensions: Philips Hue working on a solution

Re-order old LightStrip extensions: Philips Hue working on a solution

New model not compatible

Last month Philips Hue updated what is probably its most popular product: The LightStrip Plus. The new model now also works via Bluetooth, and cut-off parts can be reconnected with a connector. But this is not the only change.

As I already found out, the connection between LightStrip and extension has changed as well. This means: The base of the old generation is not compatible with the extensions of the new generation – and vice versa. You can see this very well on the following picture.

A small detail that could become a problem exactly when an older LightStrip is to be extended at a later date, but the old extensions are no longer commercially available.

A problem that has also been recognised by Signify. As I was informed, they are currently working on a solution. Apparently, they want to offer customers the possibility to order the “old” extensions in the future and thus ensure the supply. As soon as there are any news, I will of course get back to you.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. I spent many, many hundreds of dollars for the hue light strip and all the many hue bulbs. It’s reprehensible to find that the new light strips do not work on my original Super expensive hue light system!!!!!. I want a 36 inch light strip for my original hue system. You better not rip me off like you obviously did coming out with a new one that’s not compatible with my original… I am effing pissed off!!!! Straighten this problem out…Edfing NOW!

  2. Don’t buy hue products! It will be antiquated in a matter of months with no solution. This company is nothing more than a consumer rip off. Spread the word! Before somebody else makes the same grave mistake and waste their money on this company’s product

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