Hueblog: Philips Hue Lily: Condensation makes the lamp unusable

Philips Hue Lily: Condensation makes the lamp unusable

Are you having problems too?

Earlier this year, we asked you if you had problems with condensation on the Hue Calla outdoor pedestal lamp. And some users have contacted us complaining about exactly the same thing. Some lamps even failed completely.

And the Hue Lily seems to have the same problem. Hueblog reader Klaus writes to us:

One of my 2 Hue Lily Garden-Spots fell out yesterday. Still reachable in the app, but it does not light up anymore. Cause: Condensation water in the housing, which most likely damaged the LED board. The spot is placed on a slope between bushes. The other Lily – which is still working – stands somewhat protected on a wooden wall.

Now the question for you: What does your Hue Lily look like? Did it also have excessive condensation? Have you ever had lamps fall out?

There is no danger to yourselves, at least not with the Calla and the other low-voltage lamps. The power supply is only 24 volts, so even if there is a short circuit inside the lamp, nothing worse can happen.

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  1. I have the same problem. A lot of condensation in my Lily and it completely fell out.
    If I replug it, the LEDs Turn on very very dim.
    I am wondering if anyone already opened it to let it dry out?
    And if so, how to open in without completely damaging it.
    Some scratches or whatever don’t matter. It isn’t working anymore anyway.

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