Hueblog: Versteckdose: Now also as a simple Friends of Hue switch

Versteckdose: Now also as a simple Friends of Hue switch

Available at a price of 54.90 euros

Remember the Versteckdose? The innovative Friends of Hue switch offers much more than the competition. After all, it replaces a classic light switch with a socket. The Friends of Hue switch can be slid over the socket on the frame so you only see it when you need it.

Of course, there was no difference between the smart functions in combination with the Hue Bridge and conventional Friends of Hue switches.

With immediate effect, the manufacturer, TCS TürControlSysteme AG, is now also offering its Friends of Hue switch in a simple version. While the socket costs 79.90 euros, the switch without socket is now available for 54.90 euros. Unfortunately, free shipping is only available for orders of 175 euros or more. Otherwise, another 4.99 euros will be added.

Up to now the Friends of Hue switch is only sold on the website of the socket manufacturer, the delivery time is stated as twelve working days. I will definitely take a closer look at the model when I get the chance and contact you again.

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