Hueblog: Innr Smart Filament: Vintage lamps now also available as Globe and Edison

Innr Smart Filament: Vintage lamps now also available as Globe and Edison

Now starting at 19.99 euros

A few weeks ago, I was able to announce them – now they are available on Amazon. The new Innr vintage edition filament lamps. The Dutch manufacturer has already launched a “golden” lamp in standard shape in August, now they are expanding their assortment with two more lamps in Edison and Globe shapes.

Similar models are also available from Philips Hue, but there are some crucial differences. It all starts with the price: at 19.99 euros for the Edison filament and 24.99 euros for the Globe model, the current starting prices from Innr are exactly 5 euros below the recommended price that Philips Hue demands for its products.

This is how Innr Smart Filaments differ from Philips Hue lamps

There are also some visual differences, two details in particular are striking. The Innr models have a gold-coloured clear glass look that I like a touch better. In return, the originals from Signify score with the twisted luminous threads, which I find a bit more appealing optically. Rather incidentally, the glass bodies of both Innr lamps are a bit larger.

At 2,200 Kelvin, the filament lamps from Innr offer a similar warm-white color temperature which I find very pleasant. The data sheet specifies up to 350 lumens. That sounds rather low at first glance, as Philips Hue even offers 550 lumens. But at full brightness, the new vintage lamps are so bright that you can't look at them without being dazzled. However, I have also noticed: with one percent brightness, the Innr lamps are still relatively bright – you should keep that in mind depending on the application. They definitely can't be dimmed as far as the filament lamps from Philips Hue.

Visually, the two new models from Innr in Edison and Globe shape definitely make a good impression. Those who can live with the lack of support for HomeKit will definitely be offered two solid light sources. Compared to the Hue originals, there are some differences – but in the end it's all about personal taste.

The filament novelties from Innr can be ordered now. A little drawback: in contrast to the standard filament in bulb shape, the two new models are not available as a double pack. This is precisely what makes them unbeatable value for money with a price of 26.99 euros for two bulbs.

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