Hueblog: Innr presents two new vintage filament lamps

Innr presents two new vintage filament lamps

Edison and Globe designs

Last year in August, the Dutch brand Innr was the first manufacturer to launch filament lamps with ZigBee connection. In September, Philips Hue followed suit with three filament lamps of its own, and now Innr is back at the helm.

The Innr RF261 and Innr RF264 models are two new vintage lamps with LED filaments that are expected to make it into the German market shortly. Unfortunately, there is no exact price yet but I assume that the two models will be slightly above the price of the already available vintage lamp with classic bulb shape.

In addition to the first optical impressions of the Edison and Globe lamps, technical data already exists. The lamps with a golden glass body are designated mood lights, as the maximum brightness is stated as 350 lumen. The colour temperature of 2,200 Kelvin is in the cosy, warm-white range. As stated by Innr, their life span should extend to more than 10 years.

Like any third-party accessory, the two new filament lamps from Innr can be easily coupled with the Hue Bridge. However, some selected features like HomeKit support were omitted.

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