Hueblog: Lily XL and new Impress wall lamp only available as extension

Lily XL and new Impress wall lamp only available as extension

Single power supplies will be available in April

Yesterday, Signify introduced several new outdoor products at CES in Las Vegas. There are some very interesting new releases such as the Appear and Resonate wall lights with their up- and downward beams. But also the popular “plug-and-play” portfolio has been expanded by two low-voltage lights: Lily XL and the Impress wall light.

Some of you Hue fans might have been waiting for the bright Lily XL. However, there is a big problem especially for newcomers to the outdoor range: according to the manufacturer, both lamps are only sold as extensions. Thus, no power supply is included in the scope of delivery.

This won't cause a problem because Signify announced that the well-known 40 Watt outdoor power supply and also a new, stronger version with 100 Watt are now sold separately. However: while Lily XL and Impress will be on the market in January, the power supplies are planned for April.

So if you want to start your outdoor adventure with the Lily XL or the new Impress wall lamp, you need to be patient due to the lack of a power supply. Those who can't will inevitably have to buy an older outdoor product as a basic set including a power supply unit in order to get started immediately.

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