Hueblog: Cable tangle in the garden: 2.5 metres more expensive than 5 metres

Cable tangle in the garden: 2.5 metres more expensive than 5 metres

The T-piece is to blame

Yesterday evening Philips Hue presented its outdoor series for 2020. And I have to say: there is definitely something in it that pleases. Surely it always depends on personal taste but I like the new Lily XL and the Impress wall lamp with cable. And that's exactly the right keyword.

I have already called for a shorter outdoor cable on several occasions, including in this article from August 2019. Until now, this was only available in a length of 5 meters. It is no great fun to bury three or four meters of the thick cable in the garden when the distance between the lamps is relatively short.

The good news is that Philips Hue has granted this request and will also offer the outdoor cable in a length of 2.5 metres from the end of January. What the colleagues in Eindhoven had in mind when setting the price, however, is not quite clear to me.

Short cable is only available together with a T-piece

The 5-metre outdoor cable costs 14.99 euros as a single accessory. I would have expected a price of 9.99 Euro to 12.99 Euro for the half as long cable, but the 2.5 meter long cable costs 17.99 Euro. Why? Because the well-known T-piece is included. But if you buy your outdoor accessories properly, you don't need it at all since it is included in the scope of delivery with every expansion. The 2.5 metre long outdoor cable cannot be bought without the T-piece.

Surely, this is only a matter of a few euros, but from the customer's point of view, the pricing and the coupling of the short cable to a T-piece is not exactly a great choice. And while we are at it: the Hue Lily XL is the first outdoor accessory that comes with a 2.5 metre extension cable instead of the 5 metre cable. You should definitely keep that in mind when planning.

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