Hueblog: Hue lamps: Why not finally with USB-C?

Hue lamps: Why not finally with USB-C?

WiZ does it too

A few weeks ago, I took a closer look at the WiZ Portrait desk lamp on our german Apple blog. For 99.99 euros, you get a desk lamp that you can use not only to illuminate your workspace, but also as a ring light during video conferences.

In addition to the direct Matter integration, there is another particularly exciting detail about the WiZ Portrait: the desk lamp is powered via a USB-C port. The manufacturer, which was taken over by Signify a few years ago, even dispenses with a power supply unit – which is somehow logical, as you are likely to have a USB port free somewhere on your desk.

Nobody wants the thick and clunky power supply units

With Philips Hue, on the other hand, we had to make do with the clunky, huge and well-known Hue power supply unit, even with the latest new releases, such as the Hue Secure cameras or the Philip Hue Go portable table lamp. Although the thick black or white plug fulfils its purpose, it is so large that it also blocks the neighbouring sockets in a multiple socket.

This is particularly annoying if you want to install two or even three products such as a light strip in one place. Apart from the Hue Play Lightbar (and the low-voltage products for outdoor use), each Hue product requires its own power supply unit. However, there are now such powerful USB-C power supply units that supplying several lamps and light strips together would definitely not be a problem.

USB-C would also provide significantly more flexibility and convenience. Thanks to USB-C, you could choose a cable of exactly the right length for your installation.

With the WiZ Portrait table lamp, Philips Hue's sister brand has shown what it should look like in 2023: a simple and flexible power supply via USB-C. It will be interesting to see whether something will happen in this respect in the coming year.

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