Hueblog: Hue app: Zones no longer in beta status with next update

Hue app: Zones no longer in beta status with next update

Version 3.4.0 brings new features

Last year, Philips introduced Hue zones in the Hue app. This made it possible to either combine several rooms or group individual lamps within a room. Until now, the zones were a beta feature but this will change with the update to version 3.4.0 of the Hue app.

In today’s press release it says:

With this upgrade, all accessories, such as a Philips Hue dimmer switch, Philips Hue Smart Button or Friends of Hue switch, can be configured to control only one zone instead of an entire room. For example, a zone can be set up for the entire upper floor or a corner of the living room and controlled with a smart switch or sensor. The upgrade also includes an accessory battery level indicator in case the battery is running low.

Unfortunately, it was not announced when the update will be released. I assume we won’t have to wait long.

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