Hueblog: Google Home: Shorter light controlling responses

Google Home: Shorter light controlling responses

The Google Assistant installed on the various Google Home devices now provides shorter answers.

Users of a smart speaker with Google Assistant will know the “problem”. If you ask the Google Home or Nest Hub to turn off the lights in a room, it will respond with a relatively long answer: “Okay, I'm turning off two lights”.

A Google employee has now announced on the official support forum that changes regarding this issue were made. From now on, instead of the voice response, there will only be a short beep when lights are to be turned off. This includes switches and sockets that have been configured as lamps in the home app.

Unfortunately, there are still two restrictions: The signal tone is only available if you want to operate lamps that are located in the same room as the smart loudspeaker.

Moreover, the feature is only rolled out slowly with a silent update. I haven't been able to test it successfully on my Google Nest Hub yet. But maybe it looks different on yours?

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