Hueblog: Show your Hue: Outdoor LightStrip installed in the pavement

Show your Hue: Outdoor LightStrip installed in the pavement

It is one of the most impressive Hue projects I have seen so far: Thomas' garage entrance.

I am always amazed at the ideas that some Hue users come up with. But what Thomas has implemented in the last few weeks is particularly impressive. He has installed three Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrips in his garage driveway, perfectly recessed between the paving stones. The result is more than impressive – and fortunately Thomas shares some building process impressions. I invite you to a small set of pictures.

This is what it looked like just a few weeks ago – there was not much to see of Thomas’ driveway at that time.

First of all, a drainage channel had to be installed. This was placed 2.08 meters in front of the garage to leave enough space for the two-metre Outdoor Strips.

Here you can already guess the great result. The middle LightStrip was placed in a 2.2 centimetre deep joint and a few paving stones were placed for a first test.

After all three light strips had been placed, the first step was to pave the driveway. Not so exciting for us but it shows the whole extent of this building project.

Finally a little sand was swept in and the whole driveway was compacted by vibration. Needless to say that the LightStrips were only inserted into the joints again afterwards to prevent damage.

The cabling is also a really great solution. Under the pavement, the cables were laid in the garage and the power supply units were neatly mounted on the wall to avoid tripping hazards.

And this is how the whole installation looks at night. Really impressive solution and definitely an option to find your garage even after a night out in the pub.

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