Hueblog: Ikea Tretakt: Use the smart plug with Philips Hue

Ikea Tretakt: Use the smart plug with Philips Hue

A little practical test for you

In March 2024, Ikea launched a new smart socket on the market. It's called Ikea Tretakt and costs just €7.99. The plug is currently sold out in the online shop, but is in stock in many furniture stores. And for just 2 euros more, you can also get Tretakt in a bundle with Rodret, a wireless remote control. The bundle for 9.99 euros is currently still available in the online shop.

The price is of course a real announcement. The list price for the Philips Hue Smart Plug is 34.99 euros, but the smart adapter plug from the Eindhoven-based manufacturer is available in stores for as little as 25 euros. In comparison, the €7.99 for the Tretakt Smart Plug is a real bargain. But what about compatibility with the Philips Hue Bridge?

This is how the Tretakt Smart Plug from Ikea is paired with Philips Hue

I ordered the socket and remote control bundle to test it out. Both products are paired with each other by default and all you have to do to set them up is plug the Tretakt Smart Plug into a socket and insert an AAA battery (not included) into the remote control. You can then switch the smart plug on and off either using the on/off switch on the plug itself or using the remote control.

To pair with the Philips Hue Bridge, Tretakt must be reset, but this is not a major hurdle: simply press the small reset button on the top of the smart plug for around five seconds. Immediately afterwards, Tretakt is found via the lamp search in the Hue app and behaves like a normal Hue smart plug.

This means that the smart plug can be switched off via the app, and integration into automations or scenes is of course also possible. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also no problem via the bridge, for HomeKit you have to rely on Matter.

However, pairing with the Hue Bridge cancels the direct connection with the Rodret remote control. Normally, you would pair the accessory with the Ikea Gateway and configure it there. This is of course not possible with the Hue Bridge. Nevertheless, the small remote control can be paired directly with any Zigbee socket or Zigbee light that is not connected to a gateway. In principle, Philips Hue lamps can also be switched on and off with Ikea Rodret.

The first impression of the Ikea Tretakt smart plug is therefore positive. The connection with the Philips Hue Bridge is a matter of seconds and absolutely no hurdle. Control via the Hue app is then no problem. The Ikea socket is slightly larger than the Philips Hue smart plug, but there are no problems in a normal wall socket. The price of just €7.99 is of course a real bargain, and the bundle with the Rodret remote control for €9.99 is also a good deal.

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Check your local Philips Hue Online Store for availability of Hue products in your country. There you will also find all the technical information and prices.

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  1. The price of €9.99 for the set with the Rodet is not an international price. For example the price is €12.99 in the Netherlands and France

    1. Yes and here in Sweden, the homeland of IKEA, it is much more expensive. Well the plug alone is about the same at 99 SEK or about €8.70 EUR, but the bundle with Rodret actually costs 1 SEK more than buying the two separately! (179 SEK vs 99+79 SEK)

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