Hueblog: Innr SP 240: New smart plug to be launched at the end of November

Innr SP 240: New smart plug to be launched at the end of November

Still somewhat confusing information

Innr already made a name for itself a few years ago as a manufacturer of Hue accessories. Just like Signify, the Dutch brand had already brought out some exciting products before Philips Hue followed suit. Innr was also a little quicker when it came to smart plugs, but thanks to ZigBee they were always compatible with the Hue Bridge.

Now a new generation of smart plugs has appeared, the Innr SP 240. The smart adapter plugs are already listed on Amazon, with a single smart plug costing 24.99 euros. The double pack is available for 39.99 euros and three Innr SP 240s should cost 69.99 euros.

Visually, the new generation looks somewhat wider and no longer quite as delicate as the previously known smart plugs from Innr – you can see the old generation in the centre of the cover picture above. What is also immediately noticeable is that the on/off switch has been moved to the side of the socket.

Specific technical details of the smart plug still unclear

The details are still somewhat unclear. The product description states: “This successor to the SP 120 does not offer a current measurement function.” The EU Declaration of Conformity, on the other hand, states: “SP 240 – ZigBee 3.0 Smart Plug with power metering.” There are also different specifications for the maximum power. Sometimes it is 16 amps, which would be exactly 3,680 watts at 230 volts, sometimes it is only 10 amps or 2,300 watts.

It is not yet clear exactly what the Innr SP 240 will offer us. In any case, the launch is scheduled for 30 November – so I should have concrete details for you by December at the latest.

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